The Peel P50 – Charming British Understatement

It was manufactured 120 times between 1961 -1963 and is the smallest production series car in the world (Guinness Book of World Records). According to existing sources, only about 40 Peel P50 original vehicles still exist up to now. The “Peel Engineering Company" manufactured this car by hand on the Isle of Man (between England and Northern Ireland) in the early sixties. At that time, it was sold for 199 GBP. Nowadays, prices between 100,000 and 200,000 $ are achieved for the Peel P50 at auctions (example).

Because of the cult status and the enormous popularity among their fans, the manufacturer Peel Engineering has released a limited anniversary edition of 50 vehicles for the 50th anniversary of the Peel P50. This anniversary edition consists of original Peel P50 from Peel Engineering. Like their predecessors from the sixties, they are manufactured by hand in the UK, with attention to detail and according to the original constructions plans. Very British!

The anniversary edition has been optimized by the manufacturer Peel Engineering providing them with stronger headlights, a reverse gear and opening windows.

To date, this vehicle is the smallest moving piece of automotive history in the world. Next to a Peel P50, a Smart looks like a SUV. The speed of 50 km/h which the Peel puts onto the road feels like 80 km/h. The P50 is a true 1 liter car and living purism with charm. A guaranteed unforgettable experience!



TOP GEAR host Jeremy Clarkson immediately fell in love with this car. Whether Ferrari, Porsche or Aston Martin - with no other car you will earn so many positive, interested, surprised and incredulous glances as with the Peel P50.

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